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Children in Poverty Course Module This module examines the percent of children in poverty and some of the factors related to child poverty. Creator: Theodore Fuller Access rights: Free Access Type: Activity
Deviance and Crime This module focuses on factors related to juvenile delinquency. Creator: Lisa Waldner-Haugrud Access rights: Free Access Type: Activity
Status of Children Course Module Social indicators are variables that reflect social condition, that is, that "indicate" something about the nature and quality of life in a society. This module examines KIDS COUNT data in a broad fashion and assesses the available indicators of the status of children in the United States. The module looks at the status of children in Maryland compared to the other states as suggested by the indicators. This module was prepared for a course on the Sociology of Childhood. Creator: Elizabeth Osborn Access rights: Free Access Type: Activity
Education Course Module This module looks at educational issues, particularly at children who are having problems with the educational process. Creator: Theodore Fuller Access rights: Free Access Type: Activity
"Global Migration Patterns" Lesson Plan The United States has often been referred to as a "nation of immigrants." While immigration has historically been the country's foundation, immigration continues to shape the structure and composition of the population. The majority of migrants move in response to economic pressures, but some migrants—called refugees—move because of fear. Recognizing their story is also an important part of understanding international migration. The objectives of this course are to understand immigration to the United States, to identify major international migration streams, to evaluate the impact of migration on U.S. population structure, to explain the impact of major refugee movements on both source and host countries. Creator: Access rights: Free Access Type: Lesson/Lesson Plan


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