TeachingWithData.org is intended to infuse quantitative literacy throughout the undergraduate social science curriculum. By making it easier for faculty to include data analysis activities in introductory and other non-methods courses, we aim to:

  • improve quantitative literacy among students, particularly students in undergraduate social science courses;
  • expose students to the creativity and excitement of empirical research;
  • assist instructors in the development of content by providing easier access to data, tools for analysis and visualization, and pedagogical resources;
  • attract instructors in the social sciences to the NSDL where they will find resources provided by other pathways and affiliated services;
  • collaborate with the NSDL, other libraries, and service providers as a representative of the social science fields.

We view these as transformative changes in undergraduate instruction that not only improve the teaching of quantitative reasoning but also change the way that students understand content and research in the social sciences.

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