Status of Children Course Module

Social indicators are variables that reflect social condition, that is, that "indicate" something about the nature and quality of life in a society. This module examines KIDS COUNT data in a broad fashion and assesses the available indicators of the status of children in the United States. The module looks at the status of children in Maryland compared to the other states as suggested by the indicators. This module was prepared for a course on the Sociology of Childhood.


Subject children, education, economics, health, families, birth rates, death, census
Creator Elizabeth Osborn
Discipline Sociology
Contributor SSDAN KIDS COUNT in the Classroom Project
Type Activity
Resource Type Activities/Exercises/Assignments/Modules, Exercise with Data
Language English
Education Level Undergraduate (Lower Division), Undergraduate (Higher Division), High School, Graduate/Professional
Interactivity Type Active
Interactivity Level Medium
Typical Learning Time 30 to 60 minutes
Access Rights Free Access

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