Theories of American Politics

Syllabus for an intermediate class on US politics.


Subject government, policy, constitution, federal government
Abstract This course is designed to serve as the intermediate theory course for the sub-field of American politics. In the first section of the course, we will study the major approaches to studying political science. Students should be able to identify and apply these approaches to various topics in American politics. This semester, we will put particular emphasis on what constitutes the scientific method in political (and social) science, or if such a method is even possible. In the second section of the course, we will select topics in American politics (one per week), and examine theories that attempt to explain political phenomena, often using seminal readings on the subject. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to develop your critical thinking skills through writing assignments and a group presentation. At the conclusion of this course, students will: - Identify the major research traditions that structure the study of politics. - Apply theories of politics to explain current practices in American politics. - Analyze, think, and write critically about political theories and situations. The course will primarily be conducted as a seminar
Creator Jay Goodliffe
Discipline Political, Science
Contributor Bringham Young University
Type Syllabus
Resource Type Syllabi/Reading Lists
Language English
Education Level Undergraduate (Lower Division), Undergraduate (Higher Division)
Typical Learning Time More than 1 month
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