Multiple Regression


Alternative Title Chapter 3
Subject statistical models, education
Abstract The introductory lab asks students to develop a multivariate regression model the relationship between the value of 2005 used GM cars and various car characterstics, such as mileage, make, model, cruise control, and engine size. The structure of this lab allows students to work through the entire process of model building and assessment, thus providing a guided practice run before tackling a large data set on their own. This bridges the gap between short, focused homework problems and the open-ended nature of a project.
Creator Grinnell College
Discipline Economics, Political Science, Public Health, Sociology
Contributor Dr. Shonda Kuiper
Type Lecture/Presentation, Lesson/Lesson Plan, Simulation, Experiment/Lab Activity
Resource Type Activities/Exercises/Assignments/Modules, Exercise with Data, Other Ready-made Classroom Resources
Language English
Education Level Undergraduate (Lower Division), Undergraduate (Higher Division), High School
Access Rights Free Access
Audience Professional/Practitioner

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