The Economist Interactive: Global Housing Prices

This interactive tool allows the user to view global housing prices by country and time frame, and housing price index, the percentage of change over time, housing price in real terms, house prices compared to rents, or house price against average income.



This interactive chart uses five different measures: 
• House-price index—rebased to 100 at a selected date and in nominal terms only. 
• Prices in real terms—again rebased to 100 for the selected date, but the index is deflated by consumer prices to take account of the effects of inflation on purchasing power. 
• Prices against average income—compares house prices against average incomes in each country, rebased to 100 at the selected date.
• Prices against rents—compares the relationship between the costs of buying and renting, rebased to 100 at the selected date. 
• Percentage change (in real terms)—shows the increase or decrease in real prices between two selected dates.

Creator The Economist
Discipline business, commerce, Economics, Geography, Political, Political Science, Public Health, Public Policy, Social Work, Sociology
Contributor The Economist
Resource Type Analysis or Visualization Tool
Language English
Education Level Higher Ed
Interactivity Type Active
Interactivity Level High
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