Games for Teaching Economics

AirECONsimthe Energy Gamethe Carbon Game and the IO Game are multiplayer online games for teaching economics (Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics, Transport Economics, Energy Economics, ...), played over one to several days.


Subject microeconomics, industrial organization theory, environmental economics, transportation economic, energy economics

In airECONsim, players occupy the position of airlines managers competing against one another. In the Energy Game, players are power producers and have to manage their fleet, sell their energy on a wholesale market and organize their production. In the Carbon Game, players manage competing firms producing consumer goods and generating very high CO2 emissions (in the start) under different and evolving environmental policies.


The IO game involves all these games and focuses on Industrial Organization and Microeconomics topics.

Creator Nicolas Gruyer & Nicolas Toublanc
Discipline Economics
Type games
Resource Type Activities/Exercises/Assignments/Modules
Language English
Education Level Higher Ed
Interactivity Type Active
Interactivity Level Medium
Typical Learning Time 1 day to 1 week
Access Rights Free Access
Audience Educator

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